Inspired by the roughness of feeling, we’re a community of creatives designing celebrations and soulful gatherings that spark happiness, love and inspiration.


Welcome to Beyond The Meadow. We are an experience-led community of event planners, suppliers, creatives and designers with a passion for delivering memorable events, gatherings and experiences.

Through a collaborative process, we create private events, weddings, retreats, festivals and creative content for our industry partners.

Our purpose is to plan, source, deliver and manage all the details of your event, allowing you to focus on simply enjoying the process and the experience of the end result.

Environment and community are at the core of every Beyond The Meadow event. 

While we are based in beautiful Norfolk, we deliver events across the UK and when we’re not on our own home-turf, we love to seek out the very best businesses and suppliers who can service your event locally.

This helps keep our carbon footprint down and allows us to support small local businesses and communities across the country.

All our experiences are carefully and expertly designed and styled to ensure they’re nothing short of breath-taking. We source inspiring and beautiful sustainable, reusable and up-cycled products and circulate as much decor as.


I’ve been in the business of creating memorable events for over ten years and have delivered magical events, large scale festivals, wellness retreats and unforgettable weddings for inspiring clients across the globe.

I founded Beyond The Meadow in 2021 with the intention of creating an inspiring, supportive and wholesome event, wedding and experiential planning and delivery service.

To me, Beyond The Meadow is an opportunity to work closely with like minded people and businesses to deliver magical, conscious and purposeful events.

My goal is to make you feel supported, inspired, and grounded throughout the entire process of planning your event, so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

“Some look for a beautiful place. Others look to make something beautiful.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Ready to bring wild luxury & magical beauty to your next event?

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