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Wedding Planning With Beyond The Meadow

Beyond The Meadow weddings are for soulful couples who dream of a wild, grounded and magical celebration of their love, without the challenge and stress of pulling it all together. 

Planning your wedding with us begins with a consultation, we’ll get to know you, your vision, your budget and will collaboratively build and agree a plan before we make it all happen.

Every couple is unique, and so are their wedding planning experiences. This is why we tailor our planning service to suit your brief and your dreams.

It all begins with a consultation about how you’d like to work together. We can join your wedding journey at the very beginning when it’s all just Pinterest Boards and floating ideas to help to build a vision and a plan or, we can jump in somewhere along the road and help bring your dream to life. 

We’ll get to know you and your vision on a deep level, to the point where you (and we) feel confident planning on your behalf. Don’t worry if you’re starting completely afresh, we’ll ask all the right questions to tease out what it is that excites, inspires and delights you and pull together a creative direction infused with fresh ideas and creativity that feel true to you.

We’ll then find the people, products and services that will bring it all to life, we’ll unearth hidden gems and find coveted pieces to bring all the magic to your day. 

We’re passionate about looking after the environment and sourcing decor and consumables that are environmentally sound and are from local businesses wherever possible. We look after the coordination and logistics, budget allocation, all the fine details, as well as managing the build, style, set-up and pack down of your actual day.

While we work closely together and ensure you’ll always feel confident and informed on all the big decisions, working with us means you won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details, our wedding planning service covers:

  • Design consultation to discuss your vision and wish list
  • Ongoing communication with your planner
  • Style, design and execution of your rehearsal, ceremony & reception
  • Budget apportion & allocation
  • Venue scouting & sourcing
  • Decor & infrastructure sourcing (Marques, Teepees, Lighting etc.)
  • Menu Planning & Catering Coordination
  • Supplier planning, management & coordination, including on-the-day support
  • Design, set-up & pack down of ceremony and reception spaces

Beyond The Meadow Wedding Planning is about delivering your wildest, grandest dream and making sure all the fine, intimate details turn out just how you intended it. 


We like to keep things simple with a 12% commission fee* from your overall budget. This excludes any applicable travel & accommodation fees.

*Minimum charge applies

“It is always nice to be reckless and wild in the presence of a good company.”
Philosopher D.J. Kyos

Let’s work together and fill your wedding day with magic, creativity and love.

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